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Save Time and Paper! Eliminate Print-Sign-Scan-Repeat

In the past, if you needed to create a signed document to be delivered electronically, you had no choice but to create the document, print it, hand sign it, then scan the signed document and save it to your computer. This takes time (and wastes paper).

One solution to this is to use a “handwriting” styled font that looks like a signature. This can be risky. If the recipient of your document does not have the same font installed, the signature will display in whatever font the recipient’s computer has deemed similar, possibly resulting in a completely distorted signature. This solution, besides being risky, is also not as professional looking as your own unique signature.

Wouldn’t it be great if you (or your assistant) could click a button and automatically insert your actual signature into a document? Well now you can!

Aikotek E-Signatures provides a toolbar button in Microsoft Word that will insert a signature into your document. If you have support staff, this toolbar button can insert your signature automatically or, for shared support staff, bring up a list of approved signatures to insert.

Your E-signature can also be used to insert your signature into Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

Aikotek E-Signatures are available for Businesses with support staff or for Individuals.