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LEARNING simplified

Become comfortable with things that make you uncomfortable. Aikotek provides consulting, education, and coaching to leadership and staff, increasing productivity, efficiency, and morale in the areas of technology and LGBTQ+/gender inclusion.

WHY technology and gender inclusion?

Two topics that often create discomfort are technology and gender inclusion. These topics were not discussed when many of us were growing up.

Home computers did not exist until 1977. If you are a Gen X’er, you may remember typing classes in junior high or high school. I remember when the IBM Selectric came out and White-out began its obsolescence.

Transgender and gender non-conforming people have always existed, but most lived in secret for safety reasons. Being transgender or gender non-conforming is even less acceptable than being gay used to be. We mistakenly think that gender identity is a new concept when really, it’s new to us.

On the surface, these topics could not seem more different, but the reality is that the way we react to tech and gender, as well as the way we can overcome our discomfort with them, is the same.

WHO do we help?

Our primary focus is on law firms, non-profits, start-ups, and family owned businesses, though we work with many other corporate clients.