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There are several factors that may contribute to a less successful new software implementation. Neglecting to involve the right people in the organization who can best identify needs can lead you down the wrong path when selecting software. Embracing technology without obtaining buy-in from staff, or not properly encouraging and enforcing new technology policies, can cause a system roll-out to fail. Other times the issue is related to improperly training staff or being unprepared to manage employee fears around change.

Aikotek works with law firms, non-profits, and family owned businesses to manage change or to simply improve the way you are using your technology. If you think there just has to be a better way, there probably is, and Aikotek can help.

Find a Better Way

  • Word templates and forms
  • WordPerfect and Word macros
  • Digital letterhead customized for each user
  • Software help desk
  • SharePoint administration
  • Custom Documentation
  • WordPerfect and Word document support
  • Templates in Aderant Total Office, TrialWorks, FileVine
  • IT company selection services
  • Technology liaison services
  • Software selection and implementation
  • Business process optimization
  • Project assessment, repair and redirection
  • End-user buy-in and communication plans
  • WordPerfect to Word Conversions
  • Legal Document/Case Management Support