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TECHNOLOGY simplified

Few businesses are able to function without computers, and many people do not know how to make the best use of the technology they have in place ... let alone make decisions about technology enhancements. Worse yet, many businesses spend the money on hardware and software to embrace technology without adequately training their staff to maximize on their investment. Aikotek was founded with one goal in mind: simplify technology.

As IT interpreters, we translate "geek speak" into business terms, allowing you to better understand and use your technology. We love to answer the question, "why can't I just..."

Aikotek helps you improve your relationship with technology

What we do

Aikotek offers training, consulting and end user support services to small to mid-size businesses. We also offer Aikotek E-Signatures, which allows you to insert your signature into documents electronically.

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Why we do it

Amelia Michael founded Aikotek after owning and operating an IT business for 15 years and seeing the lack of communication and connection between the end users and the technology.

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Who we help

While we work with all small to mid-sized businesses looking to improve their processes, our primary focus is on legal and professional services, start-up businesses and non-profits.