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Amelia J. Michaelabout Amelia

Amelia Michael founded Aikotek LLC in 2010 with this big thought: processes, whether technical or manual, can't be simplified and work well unless people are involved. By functioning as a catalyst for change, Amelia transforms human relationships with business technologies into efficient, productive processes. You might say she is a consultant who practices techno-therapy with an empathetic, patient approach.

Formerly Co-Owner of ANSi Consulting (Mt. Laurel, New Jersey) for over 15 years, Amelia transitioned the company from a back-end IT development and support service into a technology consultancy. She accomplished this by identifying clients' priorities at all organizational levels, which translated into offering value-added educational and process improvement services. Technology and the change it introduces into people's work lives can be scary and painful. Amelia understands such emotions and disarms them through targeted questioning and listening, process analysis, and customized training or recommendations.

Amelia Michael brings clarity to the confusion of business process for executives and business owners, their employees, and other professionals in a variety of ways:

  • Corporate training and presentations: to enhance/improve knowledge and practical application of programs such as Microsoft's Office Suite, MS SharePoint, WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
  • Private, confidential technology coaching: for successful leaders who identify themselves as technophobes in need of computer proficiency
  • Process re-engineering: to streamline office procedures, translate IT into actionable business language, and resolve companies' interpersonal/interdepartmental communication problems.
  • Organizational/cultural change management: to cultivate team buy-in when implementing new technology or adopting a new business process.

Curious about the company's name? Then wonder no more - Aikotek's founder adores the famous "Iko Iko" song which originates from the 1950's New Orleans. Reinterpreted musically many times since then, the song's history reflects Amelia's consulting style: there are many ways to teach and learn, because we all process change differently.

Amelia holds a B.A. in American Post-Modernism from Temple University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Never one to fear change, she created the curriculum for her undergraduate degree as a student in Temple's honors program. She also completed coursework at Temple toward a Masters of Education, specializing in Psycho-Educational Processes. Additionally, Amelia was certified as a crisis and domestic abuse counselor through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1994. More recently, she rekindled her long-standing passion for counseling and now offers private consultations in the southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area.

When she is not helping clients convert barriers of inefficiency into productive, people-oriented processes, Amelia evaporates her own stress with sweat-inducing Bikram Yoga. She is also a triathlete who enjoys running marathons for the discipline gained as well as for the endorphins released. Looking forward, Amelia envisions doing volunteer work with women re-entering the workforce. While she respects and values the cumulative knowledge she gains from working with each business client, the single greatest human Amelia knows is her son, Samuel.